Conflict competence is more and more becoming a key competence for leaders. To develop it does not mean however to avoid conflicts. We understand competence in conflicts to mean a willingness and ability to deal competently and professionally with various kinds of conflicts.

On the one hand, this includes the ability to recognize, to analyse and to cope with conflicts. On the other hand, conflict competence implies the readiness to permit and to conduct conflicts and to be aware of the inherent change for transformation.

As far as our experience goes, more essential conflicts require a transformation of the conflict aiming to reconcile the parties to a conflict, and hence, to a comprehensive and sustainable conflict resolution.

Conflict Coaching

The optimal functioning of organization owes its success to a large degree to the ability of the employees to deal with conflicts constructively and to resolve them successfully.

In the long term, a professional conflict coaching supplies with the necessary tools to construct a culture of conflict allowing colleagues to deal with difficulties independently and ideally to avoid conflicts at all.

We understand conflict coaching as a “help to help yourself” and advise executives to independently work on their conflicts.

CC Czwalina Consulting AG is licensed partner of the Institute of Leadership Dynamics, Berlin and applies for this consulting service the Conflict Dynamics Profile, a proven tool.

Conflict Competence Training

Conflict competence still is an underrated key competence for leaders. Competence in conflicts has a considerable influence on organizational productivity, quality and innovation.

Conflict management does not mean avoiding conflict. Instead, the idea is to eliminate negative effects and to turn the positive energy, which manifests itself in differences into something useful. Here conflict skills have an enormously positive impact on productivity, quality- and risk management, innovation as well as influencing how changes are implemented in every organisation. We offer consultants, coaches, HR professionals, trainer and interested executives training courses in conflict competence coaching in cooperation with the “Institute for Conflict Dynamics Europe GmbH”.

The goal of this training is to place you in a position to diagnose a person’s conflict profile and on that basis to initiate a focussed development.

Expand your role in your business portfolio with the internationally certified training as a Conflict Competent Coach (CCC) and use the CDP method commercially.


Conflict parties often humiliate or hurt each other in many conflicts. Often a normal relationship is no longer possible after the settlement of the conflict. This constitutes a strong and lasting burden for cooperation, for the working process and atmosphere and endangers business success.

Moreover, this is precisely where Reconciliation comes in – aiming for to make peace, to re-establish relationships and to lead to forgiveness. Prerequisite for Reconciliation is that the conflict is settled.

CC Czwalina Consulting AG’s experienced mediators are providing assistance for the conflict parties during the reconciliation process along a proven model – developed by Johannes Czwalina – and lead the conflict parties to an enduring attitude of mutual trust and confidence.