While parents and grandparents held a maximum of one or two professions throughout their life, people nowadays find themselves in a different situation. Career does not necessarily mean a straight-line advancement in business. Restructuring, personnel reduction or dissatisfaction with one’s profession force people to reflect their own situation and, on the other hand, present organizations with the challenge to permanently identify, recruit and release employees.

We believe that every person has a unique make-up of strengths and weaknesses, of talents and characteristics. The main challenge therefore consists of shaping a career that matches personality.

We will accompany and support managers in this effort of planning and implementing their career. We provide organizations with support in redundancy situations and fulfil executive search orders at the corporate management level.

Placement Services

Companies counter the changing realities of work and of markets with appropriate structural optimisation. Herewith they are facing the ongoing challenge, consequently, to repeatedly conduct releases of human resources.

Managers in redundancy situations lie at the heart of this programme. We offer two types of placement services.

The PRE-OUTPLACEMENT consulting service supplements our OUT-PLACEMENT service as a respectful method starting prior to the actual outplacement process. We use our knowledge, our experience and our competence to motivate staff members to “letting go” as well as to accompany them during this phase.

Our OUTPLACEMENT service starts the date the termination agreement was signed. Clients appreciate many years of experience, first class references and the individualised support. We supervise executives and specialists in this critical phase unless they are moving on to a new professional challenge, dealing with each other respectfully and personally.

The consultancy begins by focussing on and defining the person’s current situation, followed by a coaching process with focus on personality. After thorough profiling and job application training, we support candidates searching for vacancies in the open and hidden employment markets and help them achieve a smooth entry into the new professional challenge.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching departs from managers’ distinctive personality. It is guided by the idea that there exists a suitable position for each personality, in which potentials, interests and general conditions are consistent with the professional context.

We give support to managers to clarify vocational and private goals and from this to develop meaningful perspectives fitting one’s personality.

Career Coaching can be compared with a compass supporting managers to choose the proper course, to oversee difficulties and to achieve goals.