competency for executives. Since 1993.

Johannes Czwalina incorporated CC Czwalina Consulting AG in 1993. The company advises managers and organizations of various branches and size with a network of experienced coaches, trainers and consultants based on a respectful conception of man.

The registered office of the company is located in Riehen near Basel, Switzerland.

CC Czwalina Consulting AG deals intensely with manager’s personal concerns. The quest for meaningful leadership and responsible-minded dealing with fellow men and one’s own life is key. The vast coaching and consulting experiences condensed in diverse publications, such as «Wenn ich noch mal anfangen koennte – If I could start again» or «Karriere ohne Reue – Career without regret».

CC Czwalina Consulting AG is recognized as consulting company that offers an open atmosphere tailored to the clients need enabling sustainable and authentic analysis. An atmosphere of trust and inspiration we consider key for a successful consulting process.

In a one-to-one consultancy intervention, the furtherance and development of the individual, in particular leadership capabilities, is the central theme. Carefully selected instruments and techniques, used in both Coaching and New placement discussions, enable powerful one-to-one sessions, tailored to meet the individual’s particular needs and preferences.

The consultant accompanies, supports, provokes or provides critical observations to the individual at all key career milestones, be these early, mid or late career. Coaching can be effectively applied whether the need is internally or externally driven, provoked by a crisis, the result of ongoing challenges a result of personal concerns.

We provide organizations with support that enables a measurable improvement of the company climate, increased trust and power to perform. Our key focus is building up the strengths of individual leaders to be more effective in their organizational roles.

The interventions deployed include seminars and workshops, company climate and engagement surveys, performance management processes, assessment centers, executive search, change management support and strategic organizational and team development.

As a partner of the managers, we together with our clients design strategies, accompany development and change processes and help implement projects and programs.

We believe that it is possible for both people and entire organizations to develop as far as there is a readiness for some constructive and critical self-assessment. We believe that learning is possible as long as a willingness to learn exists.