Gesellschaft zur Beratung von Führungskräften in schwierigen Phasen (GBF)

In 1993, Czwalina Consulting established the GBF (Gesellschaft zur Beratung von Fuehrungskraeften in schwierigen Phasen) as part of our ongoing commitment to social responsibility. The key goal of the GBF is expressed in the literal translation of the German name – “The society to provide guidance and support to business leaders in difficult times.”

This undertaking has been deliberately integrated into the Czwalina Consulting concern’s strategy. Through the GBF, we are consciously fulfilling our self-directed mandate to demonstrated social responsibility to business leaders.

The activities of the GBF are undertaken on a purely not-for-profit basis. Our engagement is underpinned and motivated a charitable and social desire to place professional consultants in the position where they can freely serve as confidants and trusted advisors. In this way, it is possible to provide ‘crisis’ support both at and in times when it would be very challenging to provide life coaching and advice on a fee driven basis. Currently we provide up to 1,000 hours of Coaching on either a ‘no fee’ or significantly discounted basis.

The GBF is registered as a charitable association in the Swiss commercial registries.