Johannes Czwalina

In 1993, Johannes Czwalina founded the Czwalina Consulting AG, an institute whose focus lies in national and international management consulting tasks supported by a team of specialists.

During his advisory activities, he deals intensely with manager’s personal concerns whereas the approach to a solution is looked for in an individual consulting. Being a cautious listener, he supports people in gaining newly stability and value orientation. The quest for meaningful leadership and responsible-minded dealing with fellow men and one’s own life is key.

After having studied Archaeology in Jerusalem and Theology in Basel, Johannes Czwalina was working as large city pastor for 10 years. Significantly, he was involved in the setup of various notable facilities both social and public, which have been helpful for many people.

Czwalinas vast coaching and consulting experiences condensed in diverse publications, such as «Wenn ich noch mal anfangen koennte – If I could start again» or «Karriere ohne Reue – Career without regret».

Key Competencies

Conflict Competence Training Coaching Team Development Pastoring Placement Services Private: Executive Search Career Coaching Conflict Coaching Reconciliation

Dr. Gottfried Pfueller

+49 151 5876 0856

For more than 20 years, Dr. Gottfried Pfueller accompanies CIOs and IT-Manager of practically every industry and company’s size with respect to the transformation to more effectiveness for the business as well as concerning increased IT performance and quality.

In his consultancy, he deals intensely with company-specific IT requirements and accompanies organizations by providing assistance in the design and implementation of future IT strategies.

His wide experience from a great many advisory mandates as well as from his former line responsibility and university teaching qualify him for a rapid understanding of the client’s situation and to point out expedient approaches.

Dr. Pfueller can provide a wide range of successful references as advisor of CIOs and IT-Managers as well as project manager in strategy-, restructuring- und sourcing-projects.

Dr. Pfueller can draw on experience from former leadership responsibilities in well-known management consultations. With increasing life and vocational experience, it is becoming more and more important for him to be available for his clients as a competent companion personally.

Key Competencies

IT Strategy und IT Organisation Organizational Consulting Private: Executive Search

Cooperation Partners

Markus Fischer

As long-time executive in the financial services sector, Markus Fischer successfully accomplished various tasks and projects. In combination with diverse administrative tasks, his duty was the management of international organizational units and its managers.

In this context, he dealt intensively with questions concerning leadership, personnel support, assessment and recruiting, talent development, motivation and career planning.

He has a broad and deep theoretical background whom he uses as proven practitioner. His particular skill is to analyse fast company-related challenges and to realise solutions consequently. People are at the forefront for him, without compromise. Sustainable solutions can only be achieved by cooperating. A respectful contact is the long-term foundation for vocational and private success.

Viola Dilthey

Viola Dilthey has an outstanding track record of more than 15 years’ experience in external consultancy positions, method- and tool development as well as assessment conception. Amongst others Viola’s knowledge competence comprises individually designed solutions, HR-strategy consultancy as well as the direct implementation of various actions, e.g. assessment centers and workshops.

During this period of employment Viola received her trainer certification, whilst gaining experience in the utilization and realization of various tools. Viola then accepted the position as Senior Consultant with a consultancy company specializing in potential analysis and diagnostic. Viola then joined a global consultancy company, working out of the sales department further enhancing her knowledge in the Career Management area and Workforce Solutions. During her employment with one of the leaders in the psychology diagnostics company Viola intensified her knowledge in the area of potential analysis and competencies development. With her return back to the global consultancy company as the new of Principal Consultant Talent Management Germany Viola accepted the responsibility for the strategic buildup of the Talent Management area and was part of the German leadership team.

Since 2016, Viola Dilthey has been working together with its cooperation partners to develop change management solutions for various industries and companies.

Viola Dilthey received her M.A. is humanities and social sciences with the additional qualification in the area of project and innovation management, as well as intercultural German studies. She is a certified persolog DISG and persolog SDI Coach.

Eckart Reinke

+49 175 590 11 49

Leadership is a central theme throughout Eckart Reinke’s life. This topic was his constant companion in the family office, in the affiliate business, as a manager in the Deutsche Telekom AG Group Center, and, of course, in Executive Search.

It is easy for him and it is also a matter for him to bring the right people with the right skills to the right positions. His expertise lies in the targeted and detailed development of companies and their people.

With his professional training and his psychological know-how, he meets with astounding precision the needs of companies in consulting mandates and the needs of individuals in career coaching.

Key Competencies

Placement Services Coaching Career Coaching

Andreas Büchner

+49 1573 16 76 032

In his consulting work, Andres Büchner deals with the analysis of political issues and addressee-appropriate communication to political decision-makers and stakeholders. He supports organisations and companies in the precise approach and implementation of their concerns. His diplomatic skills help him to place promising messages in the political surroundings. Andreas Büchner is also a experienced expert in corporate responsibility, the successful implementation of sustainability processes in companies and der authentic presentation.

His long-time relations with the Caribbean island of Cuba opens doors for promising business.

In the past 17 years he has worked among others as a leader in politics, external relations and corporate responsibility for the Volkswagen Group, Volkswagen Financial Services and Porsche AG.

Prof. a.D. Dr. Susanne Guski-Leinwand

Prof. a.D. Dr. Susanne Guski-Leinwand is an experienced management consultant, scientist and practitioner in the field of consulting and accompanying organizations. For over 20 years, she consulted a large number of executives on all aspects of change management, strategic communication and innovation.

Based on psychological experience combined with trans-creative approaches she prefers a pragmatic and goal-oriented approach

References points to projects at mid-tier and large enterprises as well as church administration. Key factor of her projects is the orientation on the intrinsic motivation of employees.

Key Competencies

Coaching Profiling Organizational Consulting Team Development

Matthias Cohn

Is an experienced consultant and trainer in the area of Human Resources. Alongside his professional work, he holds a teaching post at the Technical University of Berlin, lecturing on the topic ‘Training and Development Management’.

He brings his strengths to play in both designing and delivering HR instruments and systems and as an organizational consultant on development and change management issues. He has a diploma in Politics from Berlin University and has completed a qualification in Personnel Management and Training.

Christian Dueblin

After completing his education as a Dipl. BMA HF at the Basel-based Labour school, Christian completed an education in the law at Basel and Fribourg universities.

Alongside establishing and leading the legal department for an enterprise belonging to the Swiss machine and plant construction industry, he has – amongst other things – served as a Managing Director, supervisory board member and project manager in significant turnaround and crises management projects and has made a name for himself as a speaker and seminar leader.

In total, he looks back over more than 10 years in industry. Since 2001 he also serves in the extra-official capacity of a district judge and, in addition, has also co-founded and established the management and cultural network “”.

Dr. Daniel Meinzer

Especially in times of crisis, conflicts, restructurings, at times of high workload or simply provoked through new periods of life managers quality of life is under pressure. Companies in the short- and long-term can only be successful if they highly value and promote their most important resource, their employees. The management style of executives needs consistently to be reflected. Otherwise, reorientation is not possible.

Dr. Daniel Meinzer is your sceptical counterpart for that purpose. Joint sessions aiming for sustainable solutions that are promoting corporate culture by the fact that manager undergo personal change processes.

Dr. Daniel Meinzers is a strong partner for achieving your goals based on his professional experience in coaching, science and the pharmaceutical sector as well as his perceptiveness for unspoken topics.

As long-time quality manager, he has the full understanding for the relevant business processes. Key for successful change management and innovation are the acting people themselves.

Jürgen Pillasch

Juergen Pillasch gained extensive experience as a business and project leader in his capacity of Executive Vice President, Human Resources, in an international organization in the telecommunications industry. In the context of this role, he supported organizational change and coordinated the execution of necessary change measures.

He serves organizations by providing creative ideas, a sounding board or sparring partner, or as an architect of change.

He is well positioned to accompany client organizations in creating and delivering solutions that result in greater customer intimacy and profitability.

Christian Repplinger

For over 15 years, Christian Repplinger accompanies people through Coaching, StopOver and New placement – People that are not willing to delegate their personal development to others but to organize it by themselves. In this process, Christian takes over the tour escort’s role who, by experience and competence, contributes to define and to achieve adequate goals.

Methodically he gained his competencies by technical studies, by intense two years of training for Coaches – the international “Advanced Diploma in Personal and Executive Coaching” (EMCC) – as well as through regular supervision.

After finishing his studies in Engineering Christian worked for seven years in an international IT company. Experiences in Coaching and Recruiting he gained in an HR Consulting Company. Since 2004, he is working as coach on his own with focus on leaders and international companies.

Philip Kiril Prince of Prussia

Prinz Preußen

Philip Kiril Prince of Prussia has long-term experience in multilevel Coaching and Consulting: from student to CEO, from people exempted to persons spoiled by success.

He is distinguished by high analytical abilities combined with a deep empathetic understanding. By psychological intuition and easy way in dealing with complexity on the one hand, by his consistent and brave openness on the other hand he is a popular dialogue partner and consulting confidant mainly for C-level.

Holding two university degrees (Pedagogic & Theology) Philip has a good eye on people, values and work climate beyond financial results.

Alexander Prinz Holstein

Alexander’s main expertise and impact is in the area of working through complex interpersonal challenges requiring, for example, the determination of an appropriate style of communication or leadership style in response to changes or challenges. This would also cover conflict resolution and cultural integration following a merger or acquisition.

The basis for his consultancy is to sensitively perceive and delicately analyse a client’s issues and then to find tailor-made, client specific solutions. In addition, he has extensive experience as a key employee in a number of organizations, with a particular focus on Personnel Management and Development.

He has also worked in the not-for-profit sector and has many years consultancy experience in a range of different industry sectors.

Alexander Prinz Holstein lives and works in Hamburg.

Thomas Stankiewitz

Thomas Stankiewitz is well known as a successful and non-conventional management coach in the fields of business and administration. The combination of soft and hard facts is his specialty. His abilities as mediator and change specialist he proved in various situations of challenges and crisis.

In addition, he is in considerable demand as a speaker and lecturer at various events and universities concerned with management topics.

He is an ambitious thinker and go-getter. As coach, he can fall back on many years of experience in the range of business, sports and administration. Especially these apparently insoluble problems particularly provoke him very much. In all of this, he always succeeds in balancing target-orientation with interpersonal competence. He believes for long-term success the development of personality to be an important issue.

Dr. Andreas Walker

Dr. Walker

Dr. Andreas M. Walker brings extensive expertise and experience from his time in service as a former Executive Director of a large Swiss Bank.

He has worked in a number of areas within international banking. He also has many years’ experience as an assistant lecturer, project manager and consultant in a number of industry branches.

His strengths lie in the area of strategic contingency planning, strategy development, marketing and communication.

Together with Johannes Czwalina, he wrote the book «Karriere ohne Sinn» – Career without Meaning. He is co-president of swissfuture, the Swiss association for futurology.

Walter Strub

+41 78 763 71 19

Walter Strub is a partner of Czwalina Consulting Ltd. and working as a coach, consultant and trainer.

After studying medicine and economics, he worked for about 10 years as Sales Manager for international pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland.

In 1998, he followed a well-known Swiss HR consultancy, which was part of a global firm group. Since then he has gained extensive experience in advising and coaching managers and teams in change processes, in particular issues such as career change and development. As a coach and trainer, he has supported and accompanied the professional and personal development of managers with diverse backgrounds. He sees the integration of personal concerns and interests in the activities of managers not only as a challenge but also as a basis for their sustainable career success.

Because of his long-standing involvement in international projects, he is familiar with cultural differences and likes to work together with his customers in German, English and French.

Peter Schulz

+41 79 530 27 96

Peter Schulz is an experienced, customer oriented and careful consultant in the areas of career planning, self-marketing, leadership, management of conflicts and relations as well as the management of difficult situations. He is a licensed Birkman® trainer and Conflict Competence Coach.

He initiated and is leading various consulting services such as MyDestination a future planning tool for young adults. He set up a network of MyDestination consulting across Germany and Switzerland, trained and developed the trainers’ community.



Joachim Hoffmann, MA of Psychology of Work and Organisation, has earned good reputation providing coaching and seminars for leaders in Zurich since 1999. The topics are about leadership, motivation, conflict-solving, team-dynamics. Hoffmann Coaching and CC Czwalina Consulting are linked through shared values, knowledge exchange and projects.

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RiseSmart offers outplacement services all across the world – delivering greater value for better savings than those of outdated, traditional offerings.

With headquarters in San Jose, CA, offices in Pune, India, and career experts situated throughout the world, their service area knows no bunds.

CC Czwalina Consulting AG is RiseSmart’s regional representative for Switzerland.

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CC Czwalina Consulting AG is a member of the prospere network. Prospere brings together the competences of individuals and connected consulting companies, without sacrificing individuality, agile structures and efficiency.

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Birkman Consulting Germany

BM-Consulting is Birkman International’s official partner for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The Birkman Method® develops and enhances the human capital within organizations and helps individuals realize their inner potential.
The scientifically developed, multi-dimensional assessment provides personality and occupational data to help understand individuals’ unique behavior and work satisfaction across different situations and industries. The Birkman Method reaches further into personality than any other assessment, allowing for individuals to truly understand not only who they are, but why.

CC Czwalina Consulting AG consultants apply the Birkman Method in various consultation settings.

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Logo 4craft

4craft is a Management Consulting Company that supports Change-Management-Projects in the context of changes initiated by digitalization.
4craft’s project approach is based upon agile principles. It ensures fast results with at the same time broad acceptance of the results by the concerned persons.

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André Voegtlin & Partner

André Voegtlin & Partner AG is a boutique consultancy with more than 20 years’ experience in Executive Search, Coaching & Training and Management Consulting. They support business clients in Switzerland and abroad with search knowhow to find managers and specialists on different functional levels and industries. With collaborates specialized in different fields of human resources management and business consulting they offer an integrated consulting service.

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ILD Institute for Leadership Dynamics

ILD – the Institute for Leadership Dynamics in Berlin – is a partner of corporate leadership. Trust, openness, respect, appreciation and efficiency form the foundation for the successful cooperation with their clients.

Together with ILD CC Czwalina Consulting AG offers the international certified training as a Conflict Competent Coach (CCC).