Johannes Czwalina incorporated CC Czwalina Consulting AG in 1993. The company advises managers and organizations of various branches and size with a network of experienced coaches, trainers and consultants.

During his advisory activities, he deals intensely with manager’s personal concerns whereas the approach to a solution is looked for in an individual consulting. Being a cautious listener, he supports people in gaining newly stability and value orientation. The quest for meaningful leadership and responsible-minded dealing with fellow men and one’s own life is key.


After having studied archaeology in Jerusalem and theology in Basel, Johannes Czwalina – native of Berlin – was working as large city pastor for 10 years. Significantly, he was involved in the setup of various notable facilities both social and public, which have been helpful for many people.

In parallel with the incorporation of CC Czwalina Consulting AG, he established the GBF (Gesellschaft zur Beratung von Fuehrungskraeften in schwierigen Phasen) as part of our ongoing commitment to social responsibility. The key goal of the GBF is expressed in the literal translation of the German name – “The society to provide guidance and support to business leaders in difficult times.”

Johannes Czwalina in 2011 also set up the Riehen Memorial to put in mind the bitter fate of Jewish refugees during WK II along the Swiss frontier.

Czwalina is a well-known keynote speaker. His vast coaching and consulting experiences condensed in diverse publications, such as «Wenn ich noch mal anfangen koennte – If I could start again» or «Karriere ohne Reue – Career without regret».


As I have impartially observed and sensed the general mood of managers and leaders in business circles, I have consistently perceived shortcomings for which I believe can be overcome and result in significant increases in performance.

Consequently, I resolved in 1990 to make it my business to increase the personal wellbeing of business leaders. This is a goal that a team of specialists and I continue to pursue with great joy.

In the sixty years after the end of the war years, more than a third of businesses failed not because of deficient management knowledge or competence but because their leaders lacked personal qualities and integrity, demonstrated, for example, by character defects, power struggles, and manipulation or mobbing. Soft facts that had previously just been smiled at became very relevant hard facts.

Based on this fundamental observation, Czwalina Consulting was established in 1992 as a centre of and for management and leadership development. Our declared purpose: to re-establish stable and truly centred personal character and strength as the foundation for sustainable success.

At the same time, the following observation became ever clearer: Individual success without Individual well-being cannot be deemed success, but must be viewed as a failure.

We believe that every person has a unique make-up of strengths and weaknesses, of talents and characteristics. Along with this uniqueness comes, correspondingly, a kind of ‘life calling’, for which every one of these personal attributes is required.

Changes and transitions are a necessary part and process in life and one has to put the foundations in place so that individuals appreciate them as positive challenges. Humankind is both capable of developing and learning: through changing his attitudes and mode of behaviour, he can positively embrace challenges.

We have learned that wellbeing in professional life cannot be separated from a comprehensive, positive development of oneself as a person.

Our experience in day-to-day practice as consultancy firm, confirms repeatedly, that with our down-to-earth and yet not pessimistic perspectives and approach, we walk with and accompany our customers and partners on a path that is both sound and sustainable.